Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding


Welcome at the Hotel du Lac!
Gabrielli Family

The Forts Ski-Tour is now a well-established winter tradition that satisfies the athletic drive in the imposing historical setting of WWI fortresses. The Ski-Tour consists of: 

Ski Center Lavarone: 25 Km of various grade tracks, equipped for artificial snow, modern structures, mountain hut services and baby-parks. It is specifically designed for beginners and families, having now introduced easy shortcuts to the more difficult tracks. The center (located at 2.5 Km from Hotel du Lac) offers ski lessons and rentals.

Snowboarders can enjoy the newly opened Prinzepark. 

Folgaria Ski: newly designed tracks that greatly extend the original setting. These new tracks allow connection between the Folgaria area (Trentino) and the Alpe Fiorentini area (Veneto: Mount Pioverna, Costa d’Agra), while maintaining the original connection with Ortesino/Costa, Francolini/Fondo Grande/Serrada, Fondo Piccolo/Coe Pass.

Snowboarders can enjoy Jurassic Snowboard Park- Alpe Fiorentini and  Mazingapark- Fondo Piccolo.

Access to these tracks from Ortesino and Costa is at about 10 Km from Hotel du Lac.