Welcome at the Hotel du Lac!
Gabrielli Family

Winter is when mountains show there more extreme and pure character: rarefied air, majestic silence, trees singing under the wind, sunlight reflected and magnified by snow crystals …

Another perfect setting for more activities: 

Forts Ski-Tour for downhill skiers

3 new exciting Snowparks for snowboarders

Malga Millegrobbe and Coe Pass offer a pristine setting for cross-country skiers or for a snowshoe hike.

Parks for snow fun, sled and toboggan tracks, indoor and outdoor ice-skating rings (the natural, open-air frozen lake of Lavarone) 

Plenty of choices for all ages and all levels of proficiency. 

There is room also for those of us who prefer to just sit and relax, and watch the action from a comfortable vantage point: hot toddies and delicious traditional meals from cozy indoor spaces.